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The Best Restaurants in Dallas

"Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City!" While this is a fun bit of trivia, we’re not sure it’s true. But once you start perusing the list of Dallas eats, you’ll start to believe it.

But as a true foodie, you know it’s not about quantity. It’s about quality! And while Dallas doesn’t lack for eatery options, the more prominent (and important!) fact is that those restaurants are world-renowned, first-class joints with drool-inducing menus that will solidify sensory experiences you'll remember for years to come.

What Are You Craving?

downtown dallas restaurant guide

With a city full of incredible dining options, it wouldn’t be fair to send you out into the streets unprepared! We’ve created a dining guide with some of our favorite Dallas spots that will help you find the perfect restaurant for whatever you’re currently craving. Looking for something not on this list? Just ask our staff - our resident foodies are ready with recommendations 24/7!

A Big, Juicy Steak

best steakhouse in dallas tx

You can’t come and go without indulging in a signature Dallas steak from an upscale Dallas steakhouse. Some of our favorites include Nick & Sam’s prime-aged ribeye and Ocean Prime's perfectly seared filet mignon.

Tex-Mex You Can Write Home About

Tex-Mex, the fusion of American and Mexican cuisines, is alive and well in the great state of Texas. It’s the staple Dallas meal, and you won’t find a better place get your fix than Mia’s Tex Mex. Between their strong margaritas and gooey, delicious enchiladas, what else do you need?

An Endless Supply of Tacos

tacos in downtown dallas

Dallas is where taco-loving fiends go for authentic, endless taco plates in Texas. Trompo Tacos is one of the most famous Mexican destinations, with carnitas tacos and a red and green sauce that will wow your taste buds, but don’t leave without sampling a plate from Tacos Mariachi or Velvet Taco either.

Not Lunch...Brunch!

Any meal of the day is exceptional at Boulevardier (baked mac ‘n cheese anyone?), but this French bistro especially excels at brunch. Cinnamon toast brittle, house-made buttermilk biscuits and jam, and maple-sage breakfast sausage? You might need a nap after.

The Burger of Your Dreams

downtown dallas burger restaurants

As their website encourages (“come on, eat with your hands!”), you won’t be able to put down the burger you order at Off-Site Kitchen. We highly recommend the “Do It Murph-Style” burger with jalapeno and bacon relish, American cheese, and the secret sauce you won’t find anywhere else but at OSK.

Prime Pizza

Walk over to Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum for some of the best Neapolitan pizza you’ve ever tasted. Brisket, bacon marmalade caramelized onions, candied jalapeno? Think of a cheffy pizza topping, and they have it. They also have pizza happy hour Monday through Wednesday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. - a don’t-miss eating event.

Barbecue Done Right

best barbecue in dallas

Don’t get into an argument with someone from Dallas about where to find the best barbecue in the world. Unless you agree with them that Pecan Lodge is the only place to go, you’re going to lose. As a Yelp reviewer puts it, "there are very few things I will stand in line for that doesn’t involve alcohol, and Pecan Lodge is definitely at the top of the list." They’re closed Monday, but they open at 11:00 a.m. every other day. Take our advice: get there early!

Sandwiches for Days

For inspiring Italian sandwiches on the cheap, don’t leave Dallas without visiting Jimmy’s Food Store. The Spicy Cuban. The Italian Stallion. You’ll be licking your fingers thinking, "this is what life's all about!"

When You’re Serious About Your Drink

The Black Swan Saloon is less than a mile away, but you may need a lift back after drinking your own unique cocktail. That’s right, they expertly tailor their drinks to your tastes. Mixology is their superpower!

When You Need a Quiet Night In

Of course, not every night is ideal for dining out. Eat with us here at Petro Bar & Bistro for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We offer a full menu, complete with craft cocktails and bistro dishes infused with tons of local flavor.

Dine In at Petro Bar & Bistro

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